How to: DIY Embellished Denim Jacket

This season is all about unique denim. Whether it be embroidered, reconstructed, patched, or pinned, now is the time to wear it. As I will be entering my sophomore year at Fordham, I am still on a college girl budget. So instead of dropping a few hundreds on a jacket, I took matters into my own hands and am thrilled with the results. 

1. I started with a basic denim jacket from the thrift store ($2.99!). I went with a juniors size which made it cropped, however, oversized would look great, too. A few of the patches I purchased at Hobby Lobby here and the others I actually pulled off an old girl scout vest, as I did with a few of the pins... As for the rest of the pins, my mom and I went through all of her old jewelry to find them, excluding one that I picked up at the Chelsea Football Club in London that I picked up on my trip this summer. Some of these unique touches make the jacket much more personal than a generic purchase.

2. Arrange all of your patches and pins in the areas that you want them. I tried to be as random as possible in placement. Be mindful of  what will show and what will be covered by your hair or arms when it is on your body.

4. Repeat this step on the back.

5. Follow the instructions on the patch packaging for ironing, which usually involves ironing over the patch then on the inside of the fabric. Pin everything where you want it.



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  3. Great blog and I love your styles, hun!

    I look forward to your future inspirational posts!


  4. This is what I did to my denim jacket as well :) COOL!


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